Teams that want to avoid direct relegation will face off against the shooter of Final A (1st to 6th).

The K League, which has been breathing for about two weeks due to the A match, will resume from the 15th. With the lead Ulsan Hyundai (61 points) and the second-place Pohang Steelers (53 points) confirming their advance to the Final A early on, the owner of the remaining four digits has not been decided. The gap between third-place Gwangju FC (45 points) and seventh-place Incheon United (40 points) is only 3.

Pohang, fifth-ranked Jeonbuk Hyundai (43 points), and sixth-ranked Daegu FC (41 points) will face 10th-ranked Suwon FC (29 points), 12th-ranked Gangwon FC (21 points), and 11th-ranked Suwon Samsung (22 points) in the 30th round of K League 1 2023 respectively.

First of all, Pohang will bring Suwon FC home on the 16th. Pohang, which beat Incheon 2-0 in the last round, secured 53 points and confirmed its advance to the Final A. Even if they lose all four remaining games, seventh-ranked Incheon cannot surpass Pohang. While solidifying the second place position, the gap with No. 1 Ulsan has already narrowed to eight. He is the only team that can chase Ulsan until the end of the season and wants to continue his unbeaten streak in eight games (4 wins and 4 draws).

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The opposing team Suwon FC has secured nine points in the last five games (3 wins and 2 losses). He succeeded in widening the gap between Suwon and Gangwon by winning three points in the match against Daejeon before the break. By closely chasing behind ninth-ranked Jeju United (35 points), he gained “hope” to continue the fight to escape the relegation zone in the remaining games.메이저놀이터

Lee Seung-woo, who turned into a midfielder, is smiling at his performance. Until the middle of the season, Lee Seung-woo scored only two goals, and he has scored four goals in the last five games. Las, who left the team due to drunk driving, is directly filling the gap. However, Suwon FC has no victory for Pohang this season.

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Jeonbuk is determined not to back down from the Final A position after winning Gangwon. It is urgent to “secure a win” with no wins in the last four games. He is also suffering from empty space as he scored only two goals while failing to win. It is urgent to escape without a win, and five players (Baek Seung-ho, Song Min-kyu, Park Jin-seop, Kim Jung-hoon, Park Jae-yong) have been called up to the Asian Games national team. A vacuum is inevitable across all positions.

It is good news for Gangwon, which stayed at the bottom. The fight against Suwon to avoid direct relegation is fierce. This is a great opportunity to dig into Jeonbuk’s gap.

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A day later, on the 17th, Daegu and Suwon will face off. It is also important for the two teams to secure points with different goals. Suwon is aiming for the lowest-ranked fight with Gangwon, while Daegu is aiming for the Final A. Daegu has an advantage with one win and one draw this season, but Cesinha cannot stand on the ground for the time being due to a rib fracture. While Beltola, who was brought in from the summer transfer market, is melting into the team, other foreigners have to fill Cesinha’s gap.

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