‘Two-horned’ defense takes a huge hit…”Coming back? I need time” Sigh, Bauer in danger of being out for the season

 The condition of Trevor Bauer 카지노 (Yokohama DeNA Baystars), who had been on a roll on the Japanese professional baseball stage after being effectively ‘expulsed’ from the Major League, appears to be more serious than expected.

Bauer took the mound in the 2023 Japan Professional Baseball away game against the Hanshin Tigers held at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan on the 30th of last month (hereinafter Korean time) and pitched 55 pitches in 3 innings, allowing 2 hits (1 home run), 2 walks, and striking out 2. After giving up only 1 run (1 earned run), he left the mound.

After getting his first win in his Japanese professional baseball debut, Barbour collapsed by allowing 7 runs in 2 consecutive games. After returning to the 1st team after an adjustment period in the 2nd team, he showed a performance worthy of the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner. In particular, Bauer has pitched 6 innings in 15 consecutive games since May 27, when he returned to the first team, and has thrown more than 100 balls in 14 consecutive games.

In particular, in June, he appeared in a total of 4 games and recorded 4 wins, no losses, and an ERA of 2.08, earning his first monthly MVP title. After returning to the first team, he made quality starts in 13 of 14 games until August 25th (6 He ran without hesitation toward ‘success’ in Japan, showing off pitching (less than 3 earned runs per inning). Meanwhile, he encountered unexpected ‘bad news’.

In a match against Hanshin on the 30th of last month, in the bottom of the third inning, when the team was down 0-1, with one out and one on first base, the ball hit by Koji Chikamoto went to the left of the pitcher and in front of the third baseman. At this time, Bauer sprinted with all his might, caught the batted ball with his backhand through a slide, and twisted his body to throw the ball toward the first baseman. However, the result was that the throw missed, resulting in an infield hit, and faced a crisis at second and third base.

Against the follow-up hitter, Tagumu Nakano, Bauer pitched a pitch that threatened the batter with a fast ball of up to 157km, which induced a fly ball to left field, and struck out Shota Morishita, who followed, ending the inning without allowing a run. However, starting from the 4th inning, Bauer could not be seen on the mound. He was ‘injured’ while handling Chikamoto’s batted ball.

According to multiple Japanese media outlets at the time, coach Daisuke Miura explained after the game, “I felt discomfort in my right hip joint,” and said Bauer was scheduled to undergo a detailed examination in Yokohama on the 31st. Because there was no game in Yokohama the day before (the 31st), the results of Bauer’s examination were not reported, but his condition appears to be a bit serious.

Japan’s ‘Sponichi Annex’ reported on the morning of the 1st that Yokohama may be expelled from the first team due to injury. The media explained, “There is a possibility that Bauer will be deregistered from the first team,” and “There is a possibility that the lower body muscle was torn. If the muscle is torn, it will take time to recover, and he may not be able to pitch for the remainder of this season.” did.

From Yokohama DeNA’s perspective, this is truly a huge lightning strike. Yokohama DeNA ranks 3rd in the Central League this year with 59 wins, 3 draws, 55 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.518, and is struggling to enter Class A (1st to 3rd place in the league), with a gap of only 2 games against the 4th place Yomiuri Giants. If Bauer leaves in an uncertain situation, he may miss out on his ticket to fall baseball.

This is the same view from the Japanese media. ‘Sponich Annex’ said, “If Bauer is canceled, it will be a huge blow to the team. Daisuke Miura’s Yokohama, which has 10 wins and 4 losses so far and is competing to advance to the Climax Series if the Cy Young Award right-hander leaves, can throw long innings even with short pitch intervals. “It will be a big hole in DeNA,” he said.

And Bauer was eventually excluded from the first team entry on the afternoon of the 1st. According to multiple local media outlets, including Japan’s Sports Hochi, Bauer was diagnosed with damage to the distal part of the right iliopsoas muscle as a result of the examination. The iliopsoas muscle is located slightly above his pelvis, which ultimately resulted in a back injury. Coach Miura expressed his regret, saying, “Bauer has been expunged from the first team. I have a feeling it will take a little (time).” He added, “A return during the season’s return? It seems like it will take some time.”

The head coach continued, “It hurts, but it was an accident during a play during the game. I think Bauer also made a deliberate play to get an out. There is nothing we can do about it because it was an accident. He was also disappointed and asked me to focus on treatment.” added. First of all, the head coach did not say anything about the timing of Bauer’s return.

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