Seoul Eland FC head coach Park Chung-gyun says the club is going through a difficult period.

The Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 Round 24 match between Seoul Eland FC and Chungnam Asan FC kicks off on March 31 at Mokdong Sports Complex in Seoul. Seoul Eland head coach Park Chung-gyun and Chungnam Asan head coach Park Dong-hyuk met with the media before the match.

Park Chung-gyun spoke to the media first. First, Park said, “I feel sorry for the kids, so they’re giving me some strength. Their confidence is down. I don’t have 10 words to say because we lost to a club that was expelled,” he said, reflecting on the recent difficulties.

As for why he left a number of foreign players out of the lineup, Park said, “I can’t give them special treatment. They didn’t play as well as I thought they should, so I took them out of the lineup. Then we had a meeting. I think they understand.”

Seoul Eland has been winless for a while now. Their last five league games have resulted in two draws and three losses, and they are in desperate need of a win. “We need a win now more than ever,” Park said. “In July, we played against a team that everyone could have beaten, but we dropped a point. It gave me a chance to think a lot about what I’m lacking,” he said.

Park also said, “We need to build up our strength. Both foreign and domestic players need to be encouraged. We need to encourage each other and discuss and communicate with each other if something doesn’t work. I don’t think we’re at that level yet. There are some naive things,” he said, adding, “We need fighters on the field. Our players are good even on the field,” he said.

There is also something that Park hopes for in the Chungnam Asan match. 먹튀검증

“Right now, I want to focus on the result rather than the content. Furthermore, I want to defend and attack in the opponent’s area, and I want to continue to be consistent no matter what opponent we face. Both are difficult to achieve, but we can’t help it. We have to find a combination.”

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